Kayak Baja
Apr 9, 2010Public
Photo: We flew into Loreto on March 23, 2010. We departed the next day south of Loreto where the red 0 is. Our first campsite was at the red 1 on the east side of Isla Danzante. Second night was spent where the red 2 is on the east side of Isla Carmen. We spent nights 3 and 4 at a campsite on the southeastern tip of Carmen. Fifth night was on southwest end of Carmen. Last campsite was on west side of Danzante. In total, we paddled a 
straight-line distance of 34+ miles.
Photo: Loreto was a pleasant, easy-going little town. Here we are walking to a seafood restaurant 
for lunch. Sea of Cortes is ahead.
Photo: Loreto's boardwalk along the Sea of Cortes.
Photo: Lunch in seafood restaurant in Loreto
Photo: Marjy and Mary-Carter relax outside their room at the pleasant Iguana Inn, where we stayed in Loreto
Photo: Bill walking across the patio at the pleasant Iguana Inn where we stayed in Loreto. 
We paid about $60/night for our room.
Photo: Dinner in Loreto. Diners are intent on their food.
Photo: Departure south of Loreto. Ivette represents the company (Sea Kayak Baja Mexico) that provided our guide and kayak equipment. She's here with her daughter Nathalia. We pack up the kayaks. The first day they are stuffed to the max with food, water, clothes, books, cameras, camping gear. As food and water get consumed during the trip, the packing gets easier.
Photo: Marjy goes for a snorkel during a lunch stop our first day.
Photo: Sunset from our first night's campsite on Danzante Island
Photo: Morning at our Danzante Island campsite.
  We had blue skies and sun every day, 
temperatures in the 80s, cooler at night, especially 
when the wind came up.
Photo: Bill talking with our fantastic guide Axel, a 28-year-old marine biologist and cook extraordinaire from Mexico City. Axel spoke good English and was very knowledgeable about kayaks, weather and the local paddling and camping conditions. He was also a very good people person.
Photo: Our group of 3 couples paddled in four singles and a double. Mary-Carter and I were in the double. The swells and wind were scary for me a couple of times, but most of the time I enjoyed the paddling.
Photo: Marjy does a little birdwatching
Photo: Osprey atop a cardon cactus. We saw quite a few osprey.
Photo: Closer up of osprey
Photo: Mary-Carter and Axel work prepare a lunch. We ate well.
Photo: Randy on the beach at our 2nd night campsite on east side of Carmen Island.  
This is a place called San Francisco Bay.
Photo: Our campsite on San Francisco Bay the next morning.
Photo: Breakfast at our San Francisco Bay campsite on the east side of Carmen Island
Photo: From San Francisco Bay, we paddled north along the east side of Carmen Island to explore 
before turning around and heading for a campsite at the southeastern tip of the island.
Photo: We saw manta rays and dolphins jumping during this paddle.
Photo: Dick Fiddler
Photo: We stayed for two nights at this campsite at the southeastern tip of Carmen Island. It really
 was beautiful with great views in all directions. But the two
 palm trees supplied the only shade and we were often found near them as a result.