Barkley Sound
Aug 25, 2010Public
Photo: Leaving Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, British Columbia on the M.V. Frances Barkley. (Randy and Marjy)
Photo: Motoring out Alberni Inlet
Photo: We leave Alberni Inlet (Vancouver Island's longest inlet) and head out into Barkley Sound
Photo: Approaching Sechart Lodge
Photo: Sechart Lodge
Photo: Sechart Lodge. The dining room is on the left. Rooms are on the right. There was a black bear 
on the shoreline to the left as our boat came in. We were instructed not to eat food in the yard.
Photo: The M.V. Frances Barkley
Photo: Claudia, Felix, Thomas, and Julia Riedelsheimer. Nice German family spending the year in Vancouver.
 Thomas is a film maker. Claudia is a Montessori teacher.
Photo: Kay Atwood
Photo: Kay
Photo: Ivan and Ann, nice Victoria, BC couple
Photo: Lunch on Dempster Island.
(l-r) Claudia, Julia, Felix and Marjy
Photo: Neat cave went quite far back. Cormorants nest here.
Photo: Marjy
Photo: Dick
Photo: Starfish, anemone
Photo: Anemone
Photo: anemone
Photo: Lunch on one of the Tiny Islands 
(l-r) Randy, Dick, Don, Kay, Marjy
Photo: We lunched on one of the Tiny Islands
Photo: On our way to look at a Big Tree. This is on Willis Island.