Kayaking South Sound
Aug 25, 2011Public
Photo: Putting in at Zittel's Marina northeast of Olympia
Photo: Paddling along Key Peninsula on the way to Joemma Beach State Park to camp for the night
Photo: Advantage of state park: picnic tables for dinner. Weather was glorious.
Photo: There were perhaps a half dozen purple martin nest boxes on 
the poles on this large pier
Photo: There was a purple martin baby begging for food in this nest. 
Adults were feeding it. Above is female adult guarding
 the nest. (I just had a small point-and-shoot to get this
 picture, unfortunately.)
Photo: Female purple martin guarding baby in nestbox
Photo: Mary-Carter and Bill leaving Joemma Beach State Park, heading for our next destination at Hope Island
Photo: Dick & Lynn in their twin (blue) Sea Otters
Photo: The Bests
Photo: We are crossing Case Inlet from Key Peninsula to Hartstine Island on our way to 
Hope Island. Mt. Rainier peeking out in background.
Photo: The Fiddlers paddling along Hartstine Island
Photo: Mount Rainier always inspires. Famous lenticular cloud often hangs over the peak.
Photo: Dick & Marjy heading along Hartstine Island
Photo: We pull in at Hope Island. Nice view of Mt. Rainier!
Photo: Lynn & Bill wash dinner dishes at Hope Island
Photo: Mount Rainier towards dusk
Photo: Randy takes in the view from Hope Island at dusk
Photo: Relaxing at Hope Island campground
Photo: Marine critter at Hope Island
Photo: Another marine critter in the intertidal zone while the tide was out -- looking a little flaccid.
Photo: Mount Rainier just before noon as we head toward take-out at Boston Harbor. 
This was a much shorter (and more civilized) trip than usual.