Scottish Lakes
Oct 2, 2009Public
Photo: Jane fishing on Lake Julius (Photo by Celia)
Photo: Jane with cutthroat trout at Lake Julius in the North Cascade Mountains off U.S. Hwy 2 (Photo by Celia)
Photo: Jane fishing at Lake Julius (Photo by Polly)
Photo: Jane catches at cutthroat at Lake Julius (Photo by Mary-Carter)
Photo: Mary-Carter tries her hand at fishing (Photo by Jane)
Photo: Mary-Carter fishing at Lake Julius (Photo by Jane)
Photo: Polly basks in sun at Lake Julius while reading her NY Times (Photo by Jane)
Photo: Hiking back to camp. (L-R) Polly, Linda, Celia, and Kiona (dog). Photo by Jane
Photo: Our first-night cabin. We moved to a different cabin the second night.
Photo: (L-R) Bill, Linda, Kiona, Celia (Photo by Jane)
Photo: L-R: Jane, Randy, Sarah, Hope, Mary-Carter, Rich, Bill, Linda, Jim, Polly (Photo by Celia)