Sarah and Mary-Carter's Garden Tour
Jun 16, 2009Public
Photo: PowellsWood Garden in Pierce County, WA
Photo: Monte Powell explains the history of the garden. The property was purchased in 1993 and the first hedges planted in 1995.
Photo: Wish I could remember the name of the large-leafed plant on the right. Began with a "p"
Photo: Linda in the "perennial borders" room.
Photo: Randy and Mary-Carter on their way from the "entry room" garden to the perennial borders "room"
Photo: Gout attack puts Randy on crutches
Photo: Looking back at rhodie and fern border
Photo: PowellsWood continued
Photo: Bill Alves and Mary-Carter Creech
Photo: Perennial border
Photo: Pond at PowellsWood
Photo: Looking across PowellsWood pond to perennial borders garden
Photo: A delightful picnic on the PowellsWood grounds
Photo: Jim Buchanan and Sarah McCoy
Photo: Jim and Sarah
Photo: The garden behind the Wagner House at Lakewold Gardens
Photo: Azaleas at Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood, WA
Photo: Rhodie at Lakewold Gardens
Photo: Reflecting pool at Lakewold Gardens
Photo: Brick walk leading to teahouse at Lakewold Gardens
Photo: Dogwood at teahouse at Lakewold
Photo: Brick walk leading to tea house at Lakewold
Photo: Blueish conifer at Lakewold Gardens - ID anyone?
Photo: Lakewold conifer, species unknown to me