Just another day on the trail...
May 10, 2011Public
Photo: The country type we were in. Lava flowed from the mountains in the background which was our intended destination.
Photo: This shot shows the country and trail type we were on.
Photo: The bracket off-center of the pedal throw making it impossible to disengage the clutch.
Photo: Throw rod removal.
Photo: Removing the master cylinder. Fortunately I didn't have to open the system.
Photo: Better view of the failure. After flattening this bracket out to a proper 90 degree angle and reinstalling, pressure on the pedal bent the bracket another 10 degrees to the angle shown here.
Photo: better view of the failure point.
Photo: The only anvil I had! Damned glad I had a hammer.
Photo: first time straightened; it failed under pressure.
Photo: After removing cylinder and straightening it out again I was able to wedge my chock blocks between the fender wall and the assembly and securing it with a bungee cord and the chains around the wiper washer pump.
Photo: We made it home easy, no further issues. Here are the reinforcement components I fabricated.
Photo: finished bracket, inside angle reinforced...
Photo: outside reinforced.
Photo: finished installation.
Photo: I suppose I should touch up the paint...
Up and running, ready to hit the volcano.