back to India
Jul 20, 2007Public
Photo: at the KL airport
Photo: Jeff wants to leave too
Photo: back in Delhi
Photo: Meeta, Aashni and I go shopping
Photo: Meeta shows me the way to more food
Photo: nothing like a Bengali sweet shop!
Photo: at Defense Colony
Photo: Aashia introduces me to my new favorite digestive
Photo: the bus that hit us
Photo: wierd. They'll take anything at this bank.
Photo: in Hauz Kaus
Photo: the park out front is a bit of a dump
Photo: There is a real haphazard way that shopping areas are put together in India
Photo: a building in Malviya Nagar. My questions: is it under construction? has construction stopped till more funds come in? Something else? There are half, unfinished, and buildings with rebar sticking out of them all over Delhi
Photo: strange promotion at the Coffee Day coffee shop
Photo: my new pals Bharat and Vikas
Photo: Vikas and Stephen
Photo: Bharat and Vikas