trouble in paradise
Dec 5, 2006Public
Photo: beautiful sunset
Photo: king shrine series: resort king
Photo: our first bad meal in Thailand. Stijn is burning up from a bad salad (but not getting sick)
Photo: cool moonscape
Photo: we awake to find that we are in the path of a hurricane (now downgraded to a tropical storm)
Photo: raining cats and dogs
Photo: sad fellow who can't make it to the other island as they have cancelled all boats
Photo: stormy seas
Photo: the water is getting VERY close to our bungalow...
Photo: uh-oh...
Photo: The scary truth: I am one with the backpacker spirit, eek. The flip flops, ridiculous swim wear, rain jacket and backpack plus rain cover.
Photo: happy now everyone?
Photo: is it Casper the friendly ghost? No, it is Stijn getting in touch with his inner backpacker.
Photo: our new room has AC...
Photo: TV, fridge...
Photo: and is enormous (and for the moms out there: made of concrete and away from the beach)
Photo: built to last. Or house mental patients
Photo: cats and dogs
Photo: gale force winds