Day 1 cross country trip
Oct 2, 2006Public
Photo: Hot off the press!
Photo: Keith, George, and me
Photo: All my stuff in the entire world
Photo: Goodbye George :(
Photo: First glimpse of Burbank!
Photo: Welcome to Harry's!
Photo: Mo-Rey Art Photo
Photo: On the road to Death Valley
Photo: Vista Point
Photo: Watch out Mo! That's HYMER!
Photo: Note to self: No More Donuts
Photo: As the crow flies
Photo: Ready for "Action"
Photo: Mosaic Canyon
Photo: holding up the wall of Mosaic Canyon
Photo: inappropriate footwear
Photo: Mo ain't budgin'
Photo: lo and behold
Photo: Mo's bathroom break #37
Photo: a nicer side of Vegas..."THEhotel"
Photo: our room in THEhotel (mo, btw, is a fan of THE THE)
Photo: entering THErestaurant
Photo: Keith (THEdrunk) and Mo
Photo: THEdrunks