MCW Sept '10 Demo
Oct 3, 2010Public
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn looks on as Mark Sfirri begins his demo. Note the black cloth behind the lathe (from Mark) that he uses as a visual background to help him see the "shadow" better.
Photo: Mark does not like spur centers. He does not use them because they are not safe and not necessary. He prefers cup centers with spring-loaded center points.
Photo: He is a big fan of Robust tool rests. They come with a stainless steel rod welded to the top. (Unfortunately, they do not fit all lathes, like mine.)
Photo: Mark uses only three tools -- a spindle roughing gouge, a bowl gouge, and a spindle gouge.
Photo: Here Mark shows the profiles of a spindle roughing gouge.
Photo: And here are the profiles of a bowl gouge.
Photo: Mark begins by marking multiple "centers" on opposite sides of the blank...
Photo: ...and mounts it crosswise, diagonally for making his classic candlestick.  The center marks will eventually be turned away.  Waste blocks will go in the holes when needed.
Photo: Mark describes in detail what he is trying to accomplish. Note the shadows.
Photo: Here is the model that provides the various orientations to come.
Photo: After a bit of turning...
Photo: Referring back to the model...
Photo: Marking lines to demark critical dimensions.
Photo: Continuing turning the center section, with a lot of shadow on both ends...
Photo: ...and comparing, and showing the audience what he is doing.
Photo: A little work with the bowl gouge...
Photo: Feeling to see if this section is truly round.
Photo: Discussing this particular section...
Photo: ...and doing some sanding on the just-completed section. You have to do it as you go -- you can't go back later.
Photo: Done with that axis and time to move to another.
Photo: Adding the plug into that pre-drilled hole.  This will be a jam chuck in what will become the mouth of the candle holder.
Photo: On a new axis now...  note the jam chuck plug.
Photo: Heavy duty wood removal on the still-square end that will become the actual candle holding section.
Photo: Turning a nub on the base to define the actual bottom of the candle stick.