MCW July 09 Meeting
Jul 23, 2009Public
Photo: We all owe Hal Burdette a debt of gratitude for his hard work in taking quality photos of the Show & Tell items at the beginning of every meeting during the Announcements. Hal's loss is our gain. Let him know you appreciate his work.
Photo: Thanks also to Don Van Ryk for helping Hal by transporting the items to and from the S&T table. This important job is a big help to Hal.
Photo: Welcome to Mark Verna -- our newest MCW Member. Please greet Mark and chat with him.
Photo: We enjoyed our youngest guest, Colin Poodry, Clif's son. Colin participated in the Youth Turning program at the recent AAW Symposium in Albuquerque and is making pens.
Photo: MCW's 2008 Newsletter, edited by Bert Bleckwenn, garnered a second straight First Place award in the AAW Chapter Newsletter contest (this year a tie). Congrats to Bert and all contributors. It is noteworthy that the judging was completely independent from last year's.
Photo: MCW's Web Site, designed by Doug Pearson and now mastered by Bert Bleckwenn, received a First Place Award in the AAW Chapter Web Site contest. This is up from a Second Place last year. Congrats to Doug, Bert, and all contributors.
Photo: We had a very nice showing for the Silent Auction. We had some nice woods -- rare chestnut, holly, cherry, cedar, and more. Thanks to all who donated. We are seeing nice pieces come from the past SA woods. Keep 'em coming!
Photo: The Show & Tell table has a number of fine-looking bowls of many colors, and some other very interesting things.
Photo: Elliot Schantz is heading up the effort to get MCW-branded merchandise available for our purchase. Thanks Elliot.
Photo: This month's Show & Tell Gallery cover goes to David Jakobowitz for his lovely staved hollow form made from bocote. Here David shows the shape and size of one of the wedges he used in the glue up.
Photo: Our Show & Tell leader, Clif Poodry, proudly hands off the spalted maple pen made by his son, Colin. It's nice to see young turners getting such a good start.
Photo: Carl Powell also made a nice pen from stabilized big-leaf maple. Carl reported that it turned like stone, and he will consider a different method in the future.
Photo: What?! Stan Sherman made another non-segmented piece! This nice footed bowl came from a piece of cedar from a previous Silent Auction donation.
Photo: Clif hands off a wonderful 12" walnut bowl to its maker, Stan Wellborn.
Photo: Stan Wellborn made two lovely and different bowls out of a piece of highly figured chestnut burl.
Photo: Stan also made a nice bowl out of pink dogwood.
Photo: Stan brought another piece of partly-roughed chestnut burl to get expert opinions on which side is up and how to proceed to get maximum effect in the final product.
Photo: Tom Ankrum proudly displays a white oak bowl with a nicely balanced grain pattern.
Photo: Tom also made this attractive natural-edge persimmon bowl.
Photo: Tim Aley got some great hunks of maple and turned a number of pieces -- this smaller bowl has some nice markings.
Photo: Tim Aley shows off two large maple bowls (not the chestnut one immediately in front of him).
Photo: Tim discussing the fine points of this piece.
Photo: The tree was THIS BIG...
Photo: ...and here's the way the bowls were inside the tree.