MCW September 08 Meeting
Sep 20, 2008Public
Photo: Members examining items on the Show & Tell table
Photo: Examples of "square" bowls brought by Jamie Donaldson His second project tonight was like the one in the lower right
Photo: Mike Colella shooting S&T Gallery stills
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn making an announcement
Photo: Phil Brown, large silver-maple platter equipped as a wall hanging
Photo: Phil Brown, large cherry bowl
Photo: Elliot Schantz, cherry dish
Photo: Elliot Schantz, bowl
Photo: Don Van Ryk, "design opportunity" dish
Photo: Don Van Ryk, oak bowl with walnut, maple, and osage orange insets
Photo: John Adams, maple salt mill
Photo: John Adams, black burl shaving brush
Photo: Ed Karch, bottle stoppers and holder
Photo: Ed Karch, walnut box
Photo: Richard Webster, maple and walnut segmented bowl
Photo: Richard Webster, big-leaf maple box with ebony finial
Photo: Gary Guenther, spalted, burly, red-maple bowl
Photo: Mike Blake, pens of ambonia and bois de rose
Photo: Jamie Donaldson, winged, "square", lidded pot; in a word, "wow"
Photo: Eliot Feldman announces our demonstrator, Jamie Donaldson
Photo: Jamie starts with a rectangular block -- nothing round here
Photo: Jamie explaining the process
Photo: A jig for showing the smallest and largest capability of a given set of chuck jaws -- helpful for sizing tenons
Photo: Using a golf ball jam chuck, attached to the live tail center, for extra safety