MCW May '16 Meeting
May 19, 2016Public
Photo: The Show Tell & Ask table is full of goodies tonight, including Beads of Courage lidded vessels and Courage Wands.  The Lending Library of DVDs is open for business.
Photo: Treasurer Phil Brown sets up shop with his new boot, gained in a lawn mowing mishap.
Photo: The Invisible Turner paid a visit, but we didn't catch his real identity.  I think he may have been from Virginia.
Photo: The El(l)iots and Paul Wodiska share a discussion with demonstrator Dale Bright.
Photo: President Ellen Davis gets the Business Meeting off to a prompt beginning.  Ellen can now use her left arm, but not raise it.
Photo: New Member Ralph Hecht says a few words about his interests.
Photo: Guest Joel Sugarman also spoke up, and signed up to become a New Member.  Welcome Joel.
Photo: Guest Andres Toro arrived too late to speak but signed up after the meeting to be a New Member.  Welcome Andres.
Photo: Elliot "2-L" Schantz, a long-time Member who is moving to Florida, expresses his appreciation to MCW and its Members for providing him with friendships and ideas and support over the years.
Photo: Elliot didn't know that we had prepared a Certificate of Appreciation for him...
Photo: Gary thanked him for being Elliot and for his volunteer contributions and generosity over our nine plus years together...
Photo: Well done, Elliot...
Photo: We'll miss you Bro.  It won't be the same without you.  Come back for a visit!
Photo: A nice crowd of over 40 (not all shown) gives their rapt attention to the business of the evening.
Photo: The Bring-Back Challenge piece, brought in by last month's winner, Russ Iler, was won by Jeff Tate.  Wait a minute, didn't Russ win his from Jeff?  Hey, no more tickets for these guys for a while!
Photo: Ellen displays a flier for a recent Arts Festival held in Rockville and wonders if that's not the kind of thing MCW could get involved with in the future.  We'll see...
Photo: Tim Aley shows an announcement card for the coming Western Loudoun County Artists Studio Tour in which our demonstrator, Dale Bright, will be participating.  Sounds like a nice plan for a weekend in the countryside.
Photo: It's time for Show Tell & Ask to begin...  We are in a bit of a rush tonight, so a few people may not be photographed with their pieces.  That's William Flint's piece all the way at the other end in Mike's hand, and William is behind the photographer, so he just did it verbally.
Photo: Dick Webster shows his large, bark-edge oak bowl.
Photo: He was also wise and inventive in leaving this natural shape in his deep, mulberry bowl.
Photo: Tim Aley shows his box elder Beads of Courage box and his multi-axis Wand of Courage made from a piece of an old baby crib.
Photo: Tim also made this natural dogwood root bowl and footed box elder bowl...
Photo: ...also seen here, as well as the hickory bowl in his left hand.
Photo: Bob Browning made a Beads of Courage box with a spalted box elder bowl, sycamore lid, and walnut knob.