Jerry Kermode at Mark Supik's
Feb 29, 2012Public
Photo: Thanks to Mark and Nancy Supik for inviting local clubs to an Open House at their shop in Baltimore (made famous in a recent article in the American Woodturner by David Fry) for the visit of their friend, California turner Jerry Kermode, prior to his show at the ACC. Here Jerry talks about what he sees in the log before he removes a patch of bark for the spur center with a hand chisel and mallet.
Photo: Jerry is famous for his natural-edge redwood burl bowls and Hawaiian forms.  Here, he has mounted that poplar half-log between centers and rough turned the outside of a natural-edge bowl (revealing an interesting stain pattern) and makes a point to his avid audience.
Photo: Here he has reversed the bowl form into a chuck and is using the McNaughton Center Saver coring system to remove the center of the bowl, to save it for another use. Note that he is doing it with only one hand.  He's not showing off -- it's that easy if done properly.
Photo: Hollowing the remainder of the bowl with a bowl gouge.  Note the relaxed and gentle touch of the overhand grip guiding the tool at the tool rest, and the great ribbons flying off.  This is a master at work.
Photo: Done hollowing and thin enough to see light through.
Photo: Reversing again onto a jam chuck to turn the tenon into a proper foot.
Photo: And in no time, there is the completed bowl. He even demonstrated adding two "stitches" with a biscuit joiner to simulate the procedure for reinforcing a crack.  Turning green wood is so much fun and so rewarding.  Thanks for the great show, Jerry!