MCW Dec. '14 Meeting
Dec 14, 2014Public
Photo: We began this Holiday party with a very tasty potluck, and everyone was happily engaged in conversations.
Photo: A good crowd is on hand, and President Tim Aley is clearly keeping everyone amused.
Photo: As he does at every meeting, Secretary Jack Enders takes detailed notes for the Minutes, and also of the following Program.  Don't miss his excellent articles in the Newsletter.
Photo: New and past presidents.
Photo: Thank you in advance Gary, and thank you Tim.
Photo: Tim will be stepping aside after 2-1/2 years at the helm, and he is clearly relaxed and enjoying himself.
Photo: He introduces Wounded Warrior Program Director Don Van Ryk to talk about the last session...
Photo: Don reports that a good group of Warriors and MCW Volunteers were paired up, and all the Warriors went home with a pen crafted by their own hands.  He invites all Members to come and experience it.
Photo: President Elect Gary Guenther has started running with the job and reports on several items of interest.
Photo: Oh, oh!  Jeff Tate is giving the Safety Talk tonight!  This looks like learning by recent experience...
Photo: Jeff says that it is best to ALWAYS use a handle on your tools (!) or you may get some damage from here to here.  He'll be OK after some healing and therapy, but he was very fortunate and blessed.
Photo: Tim Aley, maple bird house
Photo: Tim, Constitution Ave. willow oak burl with bark inclusion
Photo: And another piece of the same willow oak
Photo: While Rebecca Meyerson discusses her work, Jeff is in the back shooting candid photos too, after he first stepped up and unexpectedly shot the Gallery photography.  And all with one hand!  Bravo!
Photo: Gary just can't stop!  Now he is in the prime spot for candid photos.  This is his usual heckling spot, but Jeff gets it after his hand heals up.
Photo: Rebecca, dyed box elder mirror
Photo: Rebecca, pen
Photo: Ed Karch talks about his faux pottery (nottery?) -- well executed as always!
Photo: It is hard to tell that it is wood, and that's the point, but it's cherry.
Photo: Gary also had time to turn.  This was from a gift of some cherry branch burls from Jeff Tate, which had within it a mushroom.
Photo: Gary talks about how the stem was turned straight but warped believably upon drying.
Photo: Bob Grudberg, dyed cherry bark-edge bowl...
Photo: ...and the flip side.