MCW Sept. '11 Meeting
Sep 11, 2011Public
Photo: Members enjoyed the new chairs, purchased by MCW and The Woodworker's Club, during the meeting and demo.
Photo: The lending library was open and ready for check out.
Photo: The Show & Tell table had many sizes and shapes.
Photo: Gary Guenther talks about his dogwood crotch hollow form that will become a box when he turns a lid for it.
Photo: Gary explains the Hunter #1 "tapered shoulder" tool he used to just get under the lip and hollow out the thin narrow vessel ....
Photo: ... just like this!
Photo: Steve DiBenedetto explains one of his first bowl shapes as a mortar and pestle.
Photo: Steve also brought in another bowl shape for which he explained some of his learning experiences.
Photo: Phil Brown shows the character of his pignut hickory salad bowl.  He also explained his non-toxic finish.
Photo: Phil shows the form of his cherry salad bowl.
Photo: Al Parry shows his hollow form that he made using techniques he learned at a class given by our demonstrator Mike Kehs.
Photo: Al takes off the stone lid of his small box, explaining that along with woodtuning, he likes rocks and minerals as well.
Photo: Gary Nickerson explains how he burned the lines on the outside of the bowl.
Photo: Gary points out the base on this cherry bowl.
Photo: Gary shows off the character in this maple salad bowl.
Photo: Gary finishes his prolific display with a sycamore salad bowl that needed some extra work.
Photo: Don Couchman explains the issues he had with turning a cane...  [11.09]
Photo: ... that he made for himself.
Photo: Clif Poodry shows his bowl that is made from the same wood he brought for the silent auction, honey locust.
Photo: Clif shows off his crab apple bowls.
Photo: Bill Long wonders what he has with his thin winged bowl from a cherry root.
Photo: Bill has questions for the group about turning drawer pull replacements and matching the same color.
Photo: Tim Aley displays a cedar bowl with the bark inclusion.  He talked about another bowl from the same log that exploded with centrifugal force.
Photo: Tim shows an oak bowl and described the struggle of getting the wood from a lady in Damascus.