MCW Aug '10 at the Montgomery County Ag. Fair
Sep 2, 2010Public
Photo: Turning at the Great Wheel Lathe
Photo: Great Wheel Lathe setup
Photo: Great Wheel Lathe - Lathe setup
Photo: Great Wheel Lathe - great wheel
Photo: Tim Aley's creations - Snowmen turned from hickory - these were a great hit when we told fair goes that we turn snowmen to cool off!
Photo: Jet Midi-lathe setup - safety shield protection
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn with several future apprentice turners looking on - both old and new
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn with a mesmerized youngster
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn with a youngster in awe
Photo: What it is all about - Get them hooked young!
Photo: Get the young and old hooked on turning
Photo: A young girl takes a turn at the great wheel
Photo: OK, dad I can do it myself
Photo: Don Van Ryk creating the initial bed of shavings at the Jet Midi-lathe setup on the first day of MCW demonstrations att the fair
Photo: Bob Browning experiences the difference when using a freshly sharpened bowl gouge
Photo: Carl Powell offering pen-turning tips to Pat mcVicker
Photo: Pat McVicker practicing the pen-turning tips with Carl Powell observing
Photo: Pat McVicker experiences the free flow of long shavings while trying his hand at turning a mushroom of freshly cut cherry
Photo: Pat mcVicker roughing out a garden fence finial for his wife
Photo: Pat McVicker with a template of the garden fence finial and a picture of the cedar garden fence he built for his wife
Photo: Don Van Ryk with the MCW "Then and Now" banner
Photo: Phil Brown setting up for roughing out bowl blanks on the Jet Midi-lathe
Photo: Phil Brown's reaction after turning his first pen!
Photo: Phil Brown with the MCW banner