MCW Oct 09 Meeting
Oct 27, 2009Public
Photo: Members gather around President Phil Brown for his opening announcements.
Photo: Bill Autry tells us about his traditional "niddy-noddy" for winding yarn. Bill will be our Demonstrator for December.
Photo: Denis Zegar proudly displays his first-ever hollow form -- a beauty in black walnut.
Photo: Mike Colella with a walnut bowl.
Photo: Gary Guenther with a small, western-yellow-pine natural-edge crotch bowl inspired by the work of Tom Boley of CAW. Tom will demo for us in 2010.
Photo: Richard Webster shows his use of Inlace in a cedar bowl.
Photo: Eliot Feldman brought a trio of hollow forms. This one, in walnut, has his favorite "Ellsworth" lower center.
Photo: This spalted-maple open form is more of a bowl or vase...
Photo: ...and this little spalted-maple gem is a gorgeous piece of wood with some natural openings to complement the small one Eliot hollowed it through.
Photo: Bob Browning brought a set of five pens from a variety of woods including oak, purpleheart, and maple.
Photo: Tom Ankrum discusses a pair of nicely -formed cherry bowls...
Photo: ...both with lovely natural features.
Photo: Don Van Ryk made a walnut "lemonade" lamp using, in part, a bowl-funnel.
Photo: Hey, it's a design opportunity -- and Don passed with flying colors. I'd call this a shining example.
Photo: Russ Iler brought a nice little box of light-colored unknown wood with a darker finial top.
Photo: Michael Blake brought a pair of his trademark, multi-axis, oval-handled screwdrivers, including this one in bocote, ...
Photo: ... and this one, in progress, in bubinga.
Photo: The Show & Tell table has an interesting mix of shapes, colors, and functionalities.
Photo: The Silent Auction needed two tables, here some cherry and maple, ...
Photo: ...and heresome very nice walnut, among other things.
Photo: Can you tell who tonight's demonstrator is? Yeah, this looks like the work of John Jordan. As impressive as these pieces look here, they are even much more so in hand, particularly with their subtle and imaginative textures. You really have to hold these things to fully appreciate them.
Photo: John brought some of his trademark tools for sale, along with his latest video. I use one and love it. The gouges are Doug Thompson A11 (CPM-10V) steels -- the best money can buy.
Photo: Your humble photographer, Gary Guenther, with his Halloween costume -- a saw through his head -- waiting for some more photos to shoot.