MCW Feb. '16 Program
Feb 13, 2016Public
Photo: Bob Rupp's threading jig in its two major pieces.
Photo: Bob Rupp's email address
Photo: Depth of thread adjustment
Photo: Cutting the outside thread.
Photo: Cutting the inside thread.
Photo: Closeup of inside thread.
Photo: I think I need to cut the threads a little deeper.
Photo: Example of spiraling.
Photo: Back of spiral jig, showing pully that cause the cam to turn as the handle turns and moves the rotor laterally.
Photo: The front of the spiraling machine.
Photo: Sometimes you just have to get to the other side of the demonstration table to get it set up right!
Photo: Rotor bit inside jig, making the rotor rise and fall to follow the shape of the blank.
Photo: The spiral cut in progress from another angle.
Photo: Bob Rupp the "redneck woodturner" originally from  New York, now from Baltimore.
Photo: View of Bob Rupp turning the jigs handle.
Photo: Removing the blank that has just had two spirals carved into it.
Photo: The blank.
Photo: The size of the cam determines the tightness of the spiral.
Photo: Great demonstration; thanks Bob!