MCW Dec '12 Program
Dec 19, 2012Public
Photo: Program Chair Gary Guenther introduces demonstrator Steve Antonucci.
Photo: Steve Antonucci started by introducing himself and explain what he is about to do.
Photo: Steve drew the steps of forging the hook tool.  Here he shows the starting rod next to it's drawing.
Photo: Always use your head!
Photo: Here Steve shows the heated, pounded and ground steel rod.
Photo: He heats it again so that he can put an angle on what will be the hook.
Photo: Steve moved the vice grips to the side so that he can bend the tip into a hook.
Photo: Here he bends the hook by hammering on the anvil.
Photo: Here the new hook is  being heated so that he can temper it in oil.
Photo: The final step is to sharpen the cutting edge.
Photo: Tada, here is the newly made tool.
Photo: An up-close look at the hook tool, here the inside view.
Photo: The bottom view and ...
Photo: ... the front view.
Photo: Some members bring their own chairs, Dave found a spot above the rest.
Photo: Steve is roughing out the handle with his bowl gouge and then ...
Photo: ... turns it with the skew.
Photo: A good stance promotes good tool movement.
Photo: Here Steve works on shaping the butt of the handle.
Photo: After turning the handle, Steve takes a break and explains another hobby he has on the lathe.  He wraps wire around this rod as the lathe is spinning and then cuts it up to make ...
Photo: ... chain-mail!   Here is a sleeve he is working on.
Photo: Back to wood, here he roughs a piece to use his hook tool on.
Photo: Chips were flying as he made it round.
Photo: Steve parts it in half to make a box.