MCW Oct '12 Program
Oct 25, 2012Public
Photo: Gary Guenther introduces legendary woodturner Liam O'Neill.
Photo: LIam O'Neill started off his demo by showing a DVD of some of the process of his art and some photos of his years in woodturning.
Photo: LIam started turning the bottom of the bowl to  prepare it for a faceplate.  He flattens it off and ...
Photo: ... then starts to define the base.
Photo: LIam almost always uses face plates to attach his work.
Photo: Liam starts by shaping the outside of the bowl.
Photo: Here he finalizes the outside shape.
Photo: After squaring up the face, he plunges a parting tool into the top of the bowl so that he knows where to stop when hollowing.
Photo: Liam is known as the author of the "Irish Grind" but for most of evening he used a regular bowl gouge grind.
Photo: The regular bowl grind seemed to be working great!
Photo: To undercut the rim Liam uses a thin scraper with the relief so that it is less agressive but...
Photo: is still quite aggressive!  So much so that...
Photo: ... the front row was getting a shower!.
Photo: Back to the bowl gouge to hog out the bulk of the material ... FAST!
Photo: Here is Liam's drawing pad showing his bowl shapes.  He is describing grinding the heal off the bowl gouges so that it does not rub on the bowl during the cut.
Photo: This is where we take a 6 month break while the bowl dries.  He remounts it on the faceplate after squaring up base with belt sander and a level.
Photo: He trues up the "top", and ...
Photo: ... trues up the outside while making final shaping decisions.
Photo: Then he used the "Irish grind" gouge to thin the sides to the proper thickness.
Photo: The first groove he made was with a parting tool.  He explained that those are hard to sand.  He uses this small spindle gouge with this custom grind to create his grooves, so that ...
Photo: ... the sides are rounded and easier to sand.  He goes by eye to measure the distance between coves.
Photo: Liam explains that he uses this scraping tool to just touch the corners to round them and give them a bead feel.  Here he is practicing with the lathe off and ...
Photo: ... here he does the actual rounding.
Photo: Here is a close-up of the rounding that the members got to see on TV.