MCW Sept. '14 Meeting
Sep 13, 2014Public
Photo: At the S&T table, Clif Poodry discusses his baseball bats as Alan Starr and Molly Winton look on.
Photo: Rebecca Meyerson brought a pair of highly ornate pens and a "bracelet assistant".
Photo: Mike Twenty and Clif Poodry share a view of Rebecca's bracelet assistant.
Photo: Clif Poodry has our Lending Library open for business.  Everyone is encouraged to rent a DVD for a month for a couple bucks.  One time good deal!  Membership is always open. We got two new members!
Photo: Someone got a great deal on this Ringmaster tool.
Photo: Phil had an old Sears chainsaw for sale in the Silent Auction.
Photo: Bob Grudberg added a large, rough bowl blank for the Silent Auction.  Phil added an old tool chest.
Photo: Some other items in the Silent Auction, including a nice piece of catalpa donated by Joe Barnard.
Photo: Gallery Photographer Mike Colella takes care of business in the photo tent.  Joe Clark helped with the 'trucking' of pieces back and forth from the S&T table.
Photo: Demonstrator Molly Winton brought some examples of her work, some custom basket-weave pyrography brands, and some instruction booklets for sale.  Also seen are some homemade pyrography "pens" that fit the hand comfortably.
Photo: Here is a better view of Molly's assortment of miniature hollow forms burned with her signature horse patterns, and one of her "black on black" forms with a square opening.
Photo: New Member Bruce Bucklin.
Photo: Our thanks to Ken Poirier, who came up for Capital Area Woodturners (CAW) to take Molly back to his house to host her tonight before her Virginia activities.  Ken is now also Program Chair for Catoctin Area Turners (CAT) in Leesburg.
Photo: Immense thanks to Bert Bleckwenn, who has run the Skills Enhancement program since its inception.  Bert announced that he will be stepping down, and we are hoping someone will step up to volunteer to replace him.
Photo: A very slim President Tim Aley does his usual, excellent job of conducting the business meeting.
Photo: Now for the Show & Tell!  Clif Poodry made a pair of highly decorative baseball bats and a ball.  Although it doesn't show up too well in the photo, the one on the right is incredibly curly.
Photo: Richard Webster talks about his natural-edge bowl from a neighbor's dogwood tree that must have been huge.  It's unusual to have red color in dogwood.
Photo: Bob Grudberg with his segmented oak bowl
Photo: Bob also brought a pair of open-segmented bowls.
Photo: Mike Colella discusses his ring cup made of rosewood and ebony.
Photo: Mike has added the metal core bangles to his Ren. Fest. lineup.  This one is cherry and bloodwood.
Photo: Magic wands are always a big seller at shows.  These are made from oak and twigs.
Photo: Mike holds his large, naturally warped sycamore bowl.
Photo: Jeff Tate gave a plug for the koko (a.k.a. kokko) wood (albizia lebbek) for sale at the Woodworkers Club as he shows two bowls that he made from it.