MCW October 08 Meeting
Oct 22, 2008Public
Photo: New Members Michael Hanrahan and Steven Leshin - Welcome to MCW!
Photo: New member Michael Hanrahan at the Silent Auction table with walnut, eastern red cedar, mulberry, and osage orange, plus a gift certificate
Photo: Stan Sherman and Richard Webster conversing at the Silent Auction table
Photo: Ed Karch showing David Ellsworth's new, first book
Photo: Richard Webster - mulberry square, 4-footed bowl
Photo: Richard Webster - figured koa square platter with exquisite chatoyance and figure
Photo: Ed Karch - cherry vessel hollowed with an Ellsworth bowl gouge on a long pipe handle - carved end and burned rim
Photo: Ed Karch - pottery or nottery?  Dyed, burned, and grouted red maple pot from an Ellsworth class
Photo: Stan Sherman with an in-progress segmented vessel
Photo: Gary Guenther - macacauba shawl pin and block - mate to the one that produced this pin and three others. ID from "unknown" to macacauba by Ed Karch
Photo: Mike Blake - tropical wood tool handles for finishing file, modeling tools, slotted nut driver, and scratch awl
Photo: Two squares for the Chapter Challenge, a month early - Gary Guenther's sealed but unfinished paela amethyst holder (could double as a tea candle) and Richard Webster's 4-footed mulberry bowl
Photo: MCW President Phil Brown auctions off Stuart Batty's demo bowl from the July meeting
Photo: Eliot Feldman's samples of his thin, small-mouthed hollow forms made with the various tools demonstrated this evening.  Believe me, these are not easy!
Photo: Watching Eliot in action
Photo: Eliot using the Stan Townsend Elbo tool
Photo: An outrigger (like this one from CA Savoy) can be a simple but effective constraint on a hand-held hollowing tool
Photo: Eliot hollowing with the Keith Clark Deep Hollowing System
Photo: Yeah, this is fun, isn't it?
Photo: Showing how to set the laser alignment on the Keith Clark Deep Hollower
Photo: Here's how the laser beam works to show you the wall thickness...
Photo: Eliot shows that simple hand tools are also effective
Photo: It takes an extremely bent tool to make those reverse curve tops; yikes!
Photo: The Don Derry hollowing system in action