MCW May 08 Meeting
May 22, 2008Public
Photo: Jerry Kaplan holding a large, stemmed burl bowl by Chris Ramsey. Behind him are works by Johannes Michelsen, Michelle Holzapfel, Richard Raffan, David Ellsworth, Jerry himself, John Jordan, Mike Mahoney, Mindy Fawver, Phil Brown, and others
Photo: Top view of large, stemmed burl bowl by Chris Ramsey
Photo: David Ellsworth and Jerry Kaplan
Photo: A classic Phil Brown fluted bowl shares the case
Photo: A nested bowl set by Mike Mahoney and a hollow form by Jerry Kaplan made from a piece of apple wood he got in the MCW Silent Auction
Photo: Ceramic vases by Greg Payce. It's all about the negative space -- look closely
Photo: Whimsy is one of the keynotes of Jerry and Deena's collections. Is it craft or art? Jerry's answer is YES. Who could disagree? This wonderful bit of utilitarian art is by Judy Kensley McKie, a premiere figure in the American studio furniture movement.
Photo: The joys of art, craftsmanship, and wood run throughout the house. This large, wall-size hammer is by Fredrick Wall.
Photo: A signature Malcolm Tibbetts "ribbon" made of cut and rejoined bowl sections
Photo: A "Big Wheel Bike" from the Chicago Woodturners Club. Winner of the 1998 AAW "Chapter Collaborative Challenge" at the Akron Symposium. See also
Photo: The Wifflebat and ball are by J. Paul Fennell. Other turnings from left to right: on the bottom: Trent Bosch, Jerry, Harvey Fein, and Jerry; on the top: (rear) Sharon Doughtie; (front) Pat Matranga, Ron Layport, Butch Smuts, David Ellsworth, Hans Weissflog, David Ellsworth, Hans Weissflog box, Holland Van Gore, Tom Crabb, Michael Mode
Photo: Wifflebat (detail) and ball by J. Paul Fennell in front of Harvey Fein bowl. The turners comments: The bat is made in three 10" sections that are sleeved together. Each section was hollowed out--the middle one was challenging because of the two open ends. The end of the bat was also challenging because it required hollowing a thin "tube" 10" deep. I made the billets from mesquite that was recently cut down and very wet. As a tribute to just how stable this wood is, there was no distorion when I sleeved and glued everything together after hollowing. The ball was made from one piece, turned on several axes in a jam chuck, as Christian Burchard would do. Small holes were drilled on the axes to hollow the inside, again in a jam chuck.
Photo: A Clay Foster classic
Photo: Clay Foster, detail
Photo: David Ellsworth
Photo: Graeme Priddle
Photo: Jerry Kaplan stands in front of his painting "Ode to Picasso" by William Haney while holding a set of three nested, red-lacquer bowls by Yoshinari Satake
Photo: Three nested, red-lacquer bowls by Yoshinari Satake, from the 2007 Portland AAW Symposium
Photo: Jerry's Poolewood lathe, purchased from and delivered by David Ellsworth
Photo: A user's view of the Poolewood
Photo: A collection of pieces by Jerry Kaplan [with the exception of one Ron Young (top, second from left) and one Richard Raffan (top, third from left)].
Photo: A pair by Jerry Kaplan
Photo: A trio by Jerry Kaplan