MCW April '12 Demo
Apr 15, 2012Public
Photo: MIke Hosaluk started with a block to make a spin top.  He can make them quickly and claims to be able to make a second one before the first stops spinning.
Photo: It is pretty clear from the way that he ripped through the wood ...
Photo: ... that he probably could do it.
Photo: He always uses the cup center for safety and easy on and off.
Photo: The shape quickly becomes reality including some nice decorations.
Photo: Here he is about to catch it as he makes the final cut.
Photo: He has it wrapped and ready to fling on the floor to show it works.
Photo: He never used to do spindle turning but found that spindle turning can be fun and unique.
Photo: Mike's version of off-center spindle work with a little movable design inspiration.
Photo: The next spindle gets roughed quickly until ...
Photo: ... a shape takes form.
Photo: Turned with two different ends and leaving the center square makes an interesting turning exercise, but ...
Photo: Gary and Barbara Nickerson  ... a quick cut with a band saw makes a pair of doorstops  [12.04]
Photo: Mike started the next piece by roughing out a cylinder.
Photo: He readies another axis on a multi-axis candle stick.
Photo: Mike starts nibbling away at the mostly air
Photo: The off-center details take shape.
Photo: Back to the center time to clean up both ends.
Photo: The crowd gets to watch and listen to Mike but they also get to see the cuts on the monitor, even when he is cutting mostly air.
Photo: The candle holder takes shape.  Most of the night Mike did not wear a face shield so that he could talk, but this blank was buggy and dusty, and he felt he needed protection.  When at home, he ALWAYS wears a face shield.
Photo: Mike likes to do steam bending, here he shows an example he brought in.
Photo: He also likes to use "compwood" (a commercial product called 'compressed wood') for bending. This started as a spindle turning and then bent to make a teapot handle.
Photo: Mike is going to turn a bowl shape but only to do some texturing.  He is using a screw chuck and letting the lathe do the work.