MCW Jan. '16 Meeting
Jan 9, 2016Public
Photo: Gallery photographer Mike Colella hard at work documenting one of tonight's offerings...
Photo: ...while Carl Powell checks out others from this interesting set on the collection table.
Photo: The Panelists are going to have fun with this nice assortment.
Photo: Gold leaf is always fun.
Photo: A large, small-footed, flat top hollow form -- I know who brought this!
Photo: Steve Drake brought some Plexiglass squares for the Silent Auction for people to use to protect the ends when doing split turnings.
Photo: Some other interesting offcuts in the Silent Auction.
Photo: Anna Sattah signing up to be a new Member with Membership Chair Jim Allison and Treasurer Phil Brown.
Photo: Previous Secretary Jack Enders and President Emeritus Gary Guenther share a joke about their new freedom as Phil and new President Ellen Davis look on.
Photo: Dick Webster and Phil are having some fun.
Photo: Eliot Feldman makes a point to Clif Poodry.
Photo: Ellen gets her first Meeting off to a good start.
Photo: She makes a point as she works through her Agenda.
Photo: Guest Al Wickman introduced himself and said a few words about how he found us.
Photo: Ellen presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Gary.
Photo: And Gary won the Bring-back Challenge raffle from Tom Coker too!  Next month, Gary will bring something for the next raffle.
Photo: Close up of Tom's two part bring back, turning and steel work.  In Gary's appreciative hands.
Photo: Program Chair Tim Aley talked about the guidelines for tonight's Program and mentioned plans for the February demo.