MCW Aug. 07 Meeting
Jul 2, 2015Public
Photo: The Show & Tell table has a variety of hollow forms, art pieces, bowls, and mini-tools with turned handles.
Photo: Ed Karch, our Wood Wizard, is ready to help you with your Wood ID -- just bring in a piece showing freshly cut end grain, and Ed will tell you what it is.
Photo: Eliot Feldman is intrigued by the blossom turned by our visiting guest Ed Kelle.
Photo: Here, Eliot talks about one of his own hollow forms.
Photo: Ed Karch, MCW's resident Arteest, shows his latest interesting, spiky creation.  Gotta love it.
Photo: Don Couchman shows his bowl. [07.08]
Photo: Michael Blake loves tools and making tool handles.  Here he talks about how he made this set from 8-sided blanks and a wide variety of tropical woods.
Photo: Here's a good look at his beautifully displayed assortment.
Photo: Our guest demonstrator for the evening, Dean Swaggert, brought this set of examples of his "open segmented" work -- including one currently under construction.
Photo: Here's Dean showing a preliminary vertical plan for the sizes of the huge number of segments that have to fit together perfectly.
Photo: And here's the horizontal plan showing the wedge angles.
Photo: Dean gives Ed Grossman a closeup look at what he's doing.
Photo: This miniature table saw is the key to cutting the pieces accurately.
Photo: Here, Dean shows how he goes about cutting the segments at just the correct angles.
Photo: Working with another piece.  Notice the safety goggles.
Photo: Dean discusses the plan from here...
Photo: Now we have to think about the pattern of the colors.
Photo: That's an indexing wheel on his mini lathe.
Photo: Dean is beginning to glue up a form right in front of our eyes.
Photo: Dean is saying that precision and accuracy are critical.
Photo: In goes another piece to the puzzle.
Photo: Individual segments cut just right.
Photo: Dean calls people up so they can see clearly.  He is flanked by Shelly Grossman, Bob 'RJ' Stroman, and Doug Pearson.
Photo: Clamping and gluing.  This is really complicated!