MCW Oct. '12 Special Program
Oct 14, 2012Public
Photo: Gary Guenther started his presentation of the Safety First discussion.  He talked about Lynne Yamaguchi and her accident and her blog about it.
Photo: Gary moved to the front to finish the Safety talk and to introduce Ernie Conover.
Photo: A crowd of over 30 members and guests enjoyed the special Ernie Conover demo.
Photo: Ernie was here to teach a class in making a tilt-top table.  Richard Webster examines a table top from the class.
Photo: Ernie Conover emphasized the importance of safety.  He explained the importance of safety glasses.  He also noted that the scratch on his nose was due to his cat and not flying wood.
Photo: Ernie showed off his drawing skills as he explained how to cut with the grain and how the angle helps the cut.
Photo: Here he shows the shape of his spindle gouge.
Photo: Ernie explained angles on his tools.  He used the drawings and his hands to describe the angles of his tools and why he uses them.
Photo: Ernie showed the audience with his hand both how to use the tool and how the sharpening angle works on the wood.
Photo: When Ernie sharpens his spindle tools he first puts them to the grinder and then to the buffing wheel.  Here he talks about the types of buffing wheels and compounds.
Photo: Bowl gouges cut the wood differently and here he shows the use of the tool on the rest.
Photo: Ernie explains the use of the bowl gouge and how to ride the bevel.
Photo: As he sharpens this tool, he explains that it is High-Speed Steel, as evidenced by the character of the sparks coming off the grinder.  He then found a piece of regular high-carbon steel and ...
Photo: ... showed the sparks that come from that.  Note the way these sparks fork at the end.
Photo: Ernie explained how grinding jigs worked and short cuts to setting them up.  Here he shows how he holds it so that he keeps his fingers off the grinder and in control of the tool.
Photo: Here is a members's tool that Ernie reground to the correct grind.
Photo: Ernie starts his demonstration with a jam chuck tapped to screw onto the lathe spindle.  He shows the use a "turning arm" as an accessory tool rest to hold his scraper to true up the face of the jam chuck.  Then he worked on making the hole just the right size for the blank.
Photo: Once he gets to the right size, he persuades the workpiece into a firm fit with a mallet.
Photo: Preparing to make a box, he parts off the bottom from the top.
Photo: He adjusts the rest during the hollowing of the top of the box.
Photo: Next Ernie starts turning the base of the box.
Photo: Ernie always took time to explain what he was doing and answer questions.
Photo: Here he shows the flat-nose scraper that he uses to square the sides and bottom.
Photo: He uses the scraper to thin the sides.