MCW Mar.'14 Meeting
Mar 16, 2014Public
Photo: Some of the Show & Tell for tonight.  Lots of bowls, and a couple of boxes.  That's an Al Stirt "Bowl Driver" on the mid right.
Photo: Paul Mazzi checks out the Silent Auction.
Photo: Thanks to Joe Clark for volunteering to handle the Gallery photography chores while Mike and Hal are gone.
Photo: President Tim Aley gets the Meeting going.  But this is only part of the attendance; ...
Photo: ... here's the overflow area.  Yes, we need to get more chairs!  We're on it!  We'll have them for the next meeting.
Photo: Tim, at work.
Photo: Stan Wellborn talks about the upcoming World Wood Day event scheduled for March 21-22 in Rockville.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn talks about the well-attended Monday Work session and the schedule for the next Skills Enhancement.
Photo: Matt Radtke is learning the job of alternate videographer.
Photo: Tim Aley brought a couple nice cherry bowls.
Photo: He also brought this good-sized box elder bowl.
Photo: Richard Webster made a pot in the "Southwest" style from this piece of heavily-spalted maple.
Photo: Dick also brought this very interesting bowl made, as an experiment, from laminates (plywood!). The glue really dulls tools quickly.
Photo: Emily Koo took a Nick Agar class at CAW and made this impressive "Sunset" bowl exhibiting coloring and texturing and a "medallion" in the bottom.
Photo: Stan Wellborn also did some outstanding coloring on two of his large spalted elm bowls.
Photo: Benji Omisore brought a pair of cherry bowls.
Photo: This one had a bit of filling to do.
Photo: Here we see the top view of the in-cut rim.
Photo: Jeff Tate is churning out an array of pieces. He began with this cherry bowl.
Photo: Second, he showed a cherry box...
Photo: it is with the lid on.
Photo: Next, he presented a cherry box with a unique natural-edge lid and a finial.
Photo: He followed that up with this beautifully featured locust bowl...
Photo: ... and finished up with this natural-edge, cherry, three-sided, red-oak crotch bowl.