MCW Feb. '08 Gallery
Apr 29, 2016Public
Photo: David Jacobowitz 4"x6.5" hollow vessel [coolibah burl]
Photo: Art Mensch 5.5"x5" vessels [weeping cherry and elm]
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn wine set (drip catcher, stopper, and 3"x5" bottle holder [walnut]
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn -- wine bottle holder interior detail view
Photo: Bill Casson natural-edge bowl [chestnut]
Photo: Clif Poodry - one of two platters, 15" and 17" [sycamore]
Photo: Don Couchman 5.5"x10" bowl [cherry]
Photo: Ed Karch 10" vessel [maple and fused glass]
Photo: Eliot Feldman 3.5"x3" hollow vessel [holly]
Photo: Eliot Feldman 3"x11" kitchen ladle [maple]
Photo: Joe McArdle 4"x13" bowl [southern magnolia]
Photo: Joe McArdle 4"x9" bowl [southern magnolia]
Photo: Michael Blake to pens in exotic woods
Photo: Richard Webster 3"x10" bark edge bowl [pear and turquoise]
Photo: Stan Sherman 12"x8" segmented vessel [various woods]