MCW June '15 Meeting
Jun 13, 2015Public
Photo: Socializing before the meeting.
Photo: The lending library has real books.  Please take a look and check some out.  I see one there about Rude Osolnik.
Photo: Gallery Photographer, Mike Colella, shoots Bob Grudberg's sequence from cube to 3-corner pedestal bowl as Rebecca Meyerson, who brought pieces to Mike, looks on.
Photo: There's something fun happening here...
Photo: It's a party!
Photo: Jack Enders and Margaret Follas view some of Demonstrator Eliot Feldman's display pieces before the Meeting.
Photo: Hal Burdette chats with guest Jean Grace.
Photo: Guest Chris Grace chats with Phil Brown.
Photo: That burl is Bill Long's for Show Tell & Ask, not for Auction!
Photo: Kathy Bleckwenn and Margaret Follas share a story.
Photo: Wood ID Wizard, Ed Karch, brought some known wood samples to look at with his new digital microscope.
Photo: Ed Karch uses his new digital microscope to scope out that burled log brought in by Bill Long.
Photo: It has a light, variable magnification, and a folding display screen.  Very handy.
Photo: The Silent Auction has some nice pieces of box elder and some great limbs for making something curvy.
Photo: Eliot Feldman and Tim Aley share a thought about Eliot's coming demo.
Photo: President Gary Guenther has a hot mic and gets the Meeting underway.
Photo: We have video, and we have audio!  All the better to see and hear!
Photo: Guest from England, Chris Grace, introduces himself and talks a bit about his home club south of London, South Downs Woodturners, of which he is the "Chairman".
Photo: Chris also describes his visit to our Wounded Warriors session earlier in the day in very complimentary terms and hopes to take the experience back to his own club.
Photo: Gary whips the Bring-back Raffle ticket, that Chris drew earlier to be efficient, out of his pocket, and...
Photo: ...the winner is Paul Wodiska, who is quite obviously pleased.
Photo: Paul will make something and bring it back next month to keep the chain going.
Photo: Chris and Jean Grace were both Founders of the South Downs club, along with several other married couples. What a great way to share passions. The club has an excellent web site at
Photo: Tim Aley has his clipboard to pass around as he requests sign ups for participation in the MCW booth at the MoCo Ag Fair.  We need lots of members to volunteer to demonstrate in the Old Timers' area.