MCW July '14 Meeting
Jul 12, 2014Public
Photo: Jeff Tate did the photo gallery honors while Gary Guenther marked the tent poles with instructions to make it easier to set up next time.
Photo: Derek Weidman, our demonstrator for the evening, displayed several of his unique, lathe-turned sculptures.  Note the one from the magazine page adjacent to it.
Photo: As Derek was unable to arrive in time for the Class he was to teach, the class members just used their imaginations of what they expected to happen and had fun playing around making unique shapes.
Photo: Derek liked the class' ad hoc figures so much he took some photos of them.  This one became the basis for Derek's improv demo piece.
Photo: 'Kim' came to the meeting as a guest of Clif Poodry, ...
Photo: ...and John van Dyke came with Elliot Schantz.
Photo: President Tim Aley led a busy meeting agenda.
Photo: Don Van Ryk said that the last Wounded Warriors session was very successful and requested pen blanks.  Gary Guenther volunteered some in mesquite.
Photo: A big event of the evening was the sale of several of MCW's excess lathes at a good price.  A raffle was conducted to determine the order of selection.  Don drew names out of the bucket...
Photo: ...and presented them to Bert...
Photo: ...for the announcement of the winners.  Congrats to all the people who got great new lathes!
Photo: Tim auctioned off two remaining pieces of exotic woods donated by David Jacobowitz. Good prices were obtained as a result of generous bidding.
Photo: Bob ("RJ") Stroman announced that his abrasives business, "" is moving into a new bricks and mortar location off Shady Grove Road in Gaithersburg and invited members to come and take a look.
Photo: Dick Webster was very happy to win the raffle for the David Ellsworth "cut edge" demo bowl.
Photo: Tim Aley showed what can be made from the apparently nondescript chunks of wood from our Silent Auction.  This fine bowl, with its gorgeous ambrosia pattern, was inside a maple blank he got last month.
Photo: Tim was turning the cored center from the bowl and without any noticed issues with the wood, it flew apart! Is this a teaching moment, or what?  Can you spell S A F E T Y?
Photo: Since he was being safe and out of the line of fire, no one (as in the turner!) was injured.
Photo: Matt Radtke did some coring and created these two fine NE bowls from some beautifully marked red maple.  The larger one is 15" in diameter.
Photo: Ed Karch's artistic side continues to come out.  He used some techniques learned recently in a Binh Pho workshop to produce this very fine maple platter.
Photo: He also created this model of a Pueblo kiva in cherry...
Photo: ...complete with a removable ladder in the smoke hole.
Photo: Ilya Zavorin tried his hand at laminating with butcher block materials.
Photo: He turned it into a cake stand.  The hard part was making it flat with the different densities of the woods.
Photo: His previous attempt ended in a failure in the pedestal because the grain was going in the wrong direction and failed.  An end grain foot would have been stronger than this side grain version.