MCW Oct. '07 Meeting
Apr 28, 2016Public
Photo: Our Show & Tell table has everything including the SINK -- well maybe not the kitchen sink, but hey...
Photo: Yes, Doug Pearson really turned and finished a sink.  That's a 'wow'.  Nice job.
Photo: Our demonstrator for the evening is Brian Butters.  He is here to show us how to turn tree ornaments with multi-axis icicles.
Photo: First he makes the outside of the body.
Photo: Drilling a starter hole to set the stage for hollowing, so it will be light in weight.
Photo: Brian talks about his gouge -- the one we can't see here!
Photo: We're hollowing one step down the middle first.  Cool tool handle.
Photo: Going a bit deeper and to the side.
Photo: Gotta get those chips out or they'll bind up the tool and result in a catch.  We have AIR!  For lung protection, we recommend a dust mask when you do this.  Note the swan-neck hollowing tool that is now being used.
Photo: Making good progress hollowing, so he's checking the wall thickness to make sure the inside doesn't get bigger than the outside.
Photo: Parting off the hollowed ball.
Photo: We're talking here about an eccentric chuck -- possibly the Vicmarc-Escoulen if I recall...
Photo: Well that's certainly an eccentric icicle!  This is our goal.
Photo: Brian talks about the details.  Note the small loop hanger.
Photo: Tools and roughed ornament body.
Photo: Time to get to work on the icicle -- he's done this before -- cutting to a measured diameter with a fixed caliper...
Photo: ...change the angle...
Photo: Here's the flute angle for this step.
Photo: Sand as you go, because you can't go back later...
Photo: ...and be very careful of those fingers!
Photo: Note the very tilted angle of this cylinder between centers.
Photo: Now we'll do another feature at a different tilt angle...
Photo: ...and more features...
Photo: Here's an example of what can be done.