MCW Oct '12 Meeting
Oct 21, 2012Public
Photo: Elliot Shantz went to the VA Symposium and, as venders were packing up, Elliot asked them if they had donations to the Wounded Warrior program.  He got this wood from and
Photo: The Show and Tell table filled up quickly with items, but there is always room for more.
Photo: Birthday boy Mike Colella prepares to shoot the Show & Tell pieces with Bob Grudberg helping.
Photo: While the meeting was getting organized, a preview of both parts of the demo were on display on the lathe. A special thank you to the local Stihl representative Matt Cecil for loan of the electric chain saw and to Phil Brown for the large elm blank.
Photo: Richard Webster shows his large bowl with a nice lip and a great spalted detail.
Photo: Bob Grudberg shows his open-segmented hollow form.
Photo: Here is an interior shot of his natural-edge bowl of unknown wood.  Bob thought it was walnut and after several people looked at it they could not tell.
Photo: Mike Twenty has just started segmented woodturning and has produced some wonderful results in such a short time.  Here is his first staved hollow form.
Photo: Tim Aley shows his walnut plate.
Photo: Gary Guenther shows a piece that he started in his class with Mark Gardner.  He decided he didn't want to carve it, and wanted to make it different from Mark's form, so ...
Photo: ... he put a pedestal base on it and made it an urn.
Photo: Elliot Shantz read the latest issue of Woodturning Design and  decided to make earrings from the article.
Photo: Elliot shows the laminated blank he made and then cut on the bias.
Photo: Ed Karch shows the finished bowl that he brought in for Jigs and Tools demo last month.
Photo: Ed Karch shows a piece of wood that Phil Brown sent him to determine the species.  Ed then made a winged bowl from it.
Photo: Stan Wellborn shows off some ornaments he made.  He uses a Manzanita Root Burl bowl to hold them.
Photo: Benji Omisore made it late to the meeting but did a show and tell with Phil Brown with a wonderfully spalted vessel.