MCW Feb. '15 Bethesda Library
Feb 2, 2015Public
Photo: The Bethesda Public Library offers a unique gallery setting for displaying two- and three-dimensional art together.  MCW is taking advantage of this by participating in an exhibit featuring photographs of trees and the objects we turn from them.   Our exhibition of members' work is presented in four glass wall cases, together with a display of large photographs of trees reflected in water by local professional photographer Julius Kassovic.  On Thursday February 5th, between 7 and 8:45 PM, please come to the Bethesda Library at 7400 Arlington Road for an Opening Reception with nibbles.
Photo: Our thanks go to Phil Brown and Russ Iler for spending their Sunday afternoon setting up this excellent exhibit of our donated work, and to Phil Brown for these photos.
Photo: The turned pieces in the four cases have been loaned for our 2015 Library Exhibit Program by Tim Aley, Joseph Barnard, Phil Brown, Margaret Follas, David Fry, Bob Grudberg, Gary Guenther, Ed Karch, Emily Koo, Paul Mazzi, Clif  Poodry, Jeff Tate, and Richard Webster.
Photo: Phil will gladly accept additional loans from MCW Members for another show later this year.
Photo: It's nice to see how diverse our turnings are.  This variety should be very interesting for the community to see and appreciate.
Photo: It's very appropriate and well planned by the Library staff to have our exhibit coordinated with the wonderful photographs of trees, reflected in water, by Julius Kassovic.