Turn for the Troops 2013
Nov 10, 2013Public
Photo: Angela turns her first pen!
Photo: Tom and Wayne (not shown) came down from the Baltimore Area Turners and turned both days.  Thanks for your help!
Photo: Steve helps his wife finish her first pen!
Photo: One of the WWC members made his first pen and had so much fun he made several more!
Photo: Oscar did everything!  Oscar made blanks, encouraged people to stop and turn a pen, helped teach new turners, made several pens,  and made the event great!  Thanks Oscar!
Photo: Tim's wife and daughter showing off their first two pens ever!
Photo: An example of some of the pens turned by the Aleys.
Photo: Rebecca made it in to turn a pen and help out on her Turniversary.  Last year at Turn for the Troops was the first time she turned anything, and now she is an MCW member!
Photo: This young man learned about this event when he was sent to the MCW meeting while asking questions about lathes.  He brought two friends that turned pens!
Photo: The chips were flying!
Photo: Tom brought his wife down from Dundalk on Sunday and she turned her first pen as well!
Photo: Oscar helps a WWC member make her first pen
Photo: Another WWC employee getting hooked on turning.
Photo: This box was filled by the end of the two days!