MCW Apr. '16 Meeting
Apr 21, 2016Public
Photo: Tim Aley gets his dot for the demo fee from Bob Grudberg as Eliot Feldman looks on.
Photo: Lots of action at the tables as visiting demonstrator Tom Wirsing prepares his tools and others are busily engaged at the Show Tell & Ask table.
Photo: Eliot signs in his two new pens for the Show Tell & Ask
Photo: Bill Long bids on some nicely processed green wood while Mike Colella does the Gallery photography.
Photo: Lending Librarian John Laffan gets out the DVDs.
Photo: Videographer Bert Bleckwenn looks for that HDMI cable so Tom Wirsing can include some graphics in his demonstration.
Photo: Meanwhile, Kathy Bleckwenn and Jim Allison get the video camera tripod set up.  There's lots to do before every Meeting, and we thank all our volunteers for their help.
Photo: Stephen Price brought in an "interesting" piece of red cedar to get some ideas on what's inside and how to get it out. He got some good suggestions.
Photo: Steve Drake points out some of his very appropriately NIH-oriented turnings to Phil Brown, who is collecting pieces for our exhibit at the NIH Center.
Photo: President Ellen Davis is a trooper.  She's working through some pain here to conduct the business meeting.
Photo: Ellie Trybuch announced himself as a Guest and then signed up as a New Member.  Welcome Ellie!
Photo: Ken Poirer, Program Director at Catoctin Area Turners in Leesburg, is with us acting as Tom Wirsing's guide, helper, and host, as Tom will be doing workshops and a demo at CAT when he leaves us.
Photo: Ken helped out by picking the ticket for the Bring-back Challenge winner...
Photo: ...and the lucky winner of the Bring-back Challenge is Russ Iler -- and he's happy to take home Jeff Tate's nice goblet.  Russ will bring something back next month for the next lucky Member.
Photo: MCW Founder, first President, and current Treasurer Phil Brown was honored twice this month by AAW.  Phil's woodturning career was nicely detailed as one of 30 individuals who have been in AAW for the last 30 years.  A feature article on Phil also appeared in the April issue of American Woodturner.  Thank you, Phil, for all you've done for woodturning in general, and for MCW in particular.
Photo: Memories: Here's Phil showing his collection-quality work at our very first MCW Meeting in Feb. 2007, where he was also our first demonstrator.
Photo: Dan Wodiska, Phil's one-time neighbor from Bowie thirty years ago, and coincidentally Paul Wodiska's brother, came up from Virginia to see what it's all about.
Photo: Don Van Ryk is surprised and pleased to receive a very well-deserved Certificate of Appreciation from Gary Guenther for his dedication and hard work in maintaining and managing our Wounded Warrior outreach Program.
Photo: Turning Works Program Director Jack Enders talks about the Program.  Pieces will be collected in September for the Interfaith Works MoCo charity that we are supporting with our work.
Photo: Rebecca Meyerson begins the Show Tell & Ask period with this wooden-handled pizza cutter.
Photo: Tim Aley did a pair of bowls: this one in spalted maple...
Photo: ...and the one in his right hand of box elder.
Photo: Steve Drake is turning wooden glassware of the type he works with on a daily basis.  We recognize the classic Erlenmeyer flask in cherry.
Photo: Here is the graduated cylinder...