MCW Nov. '15 Program
Nov 15, 2015Public
Photo: Rich Foa gave a presentation on his thoughts on creativity and how he got to his style.
Photo: Rich showed slides of some of his inspiration and to watch trends come and go and come back again.
Photo: Rich talked about his background in boat building and his ongoing work on the boats at the museum.
Photo: Here he talks about finding your voice.
Photo: One of the few of us with a true woodturning voice looking on.
Photo: It is always good to know your own strengths and weaknesses.  Sometimes a weakness is a strength as well.
Photo: As he mentioned in his first slide, it helps to look to other artists in many mediums for inspiration.
Photo: Some glass artists that caught his eye.
Photo: And wood artists with some metal included in the art.
Photo: Rich loves to take the fun approach to names.  Here is his rabbit plane.
Photo: The "teeth" are the "cutting blade" and the ears are the handle.
Photo: He has a collection of quirky bottle stoppers that he has made many items to showcase them.
Photo: He talked about his "claw" hammer series.  This was the first of the series with a handle that was a reject bat from a Mark Sfirri workshop.
Photo: The Panther's claw has a dew claw as well.
Photo: Margaret checks out that funky multi-axis work.
Photo: Sometimes they don't work out.
Photo: Rich's latest interest leads him to compressed wood that bends.
Photo: This one was bent more but came back to mostly straight.