MCW June '16 Program
Jun 23, 2016Public
Photo: Demonstrator Mike Sorge gets wired up.  He brought some great examples of his natural-edge vessels.
Photo: We welcome back our demonstrator for the evening, Mike Sorge, for the second time.
Photo: Mike showed many of his examples of High wings and low bark.
Photo: Different woods, different shapes.
Photo: And even some hands on show and tell.
Photo: Some of the shapes the log may take that you have to work with.
Photo: The goal is to get a good bit of bark on the outside.  Notice the blank ready to go on the table.
Photo: Bark and holes!
Photo: Start turning between centers...
Photo: ... and adjust to center the bark.
Photo: Close inspection during the demo.
Photo: When it is centered, make a tenon for the base.  Then it is time to start the wings.
Photo: Keep the bark, CA glue the cambium layer!
Photo: Then he hollows with his bowl gouge!
Photo: Many chips were flying everywhere!
Photo: Mike talks about getting around the corner but still the chips are jumping!
Photo: Since there is a lot of chips to plow through, Mike tells a story to not lose the back of the audience.  He has the front row very engaged, as you can see in the next slides.
Photo: Eliot needs a face shield.
Photo: Clif is enjoying the demo.
Photo: I have a pair of solar shields, but Clif has a pair of shaving shields!
Photo: Not time to finish the whole project but demonstrated all the concepts he wanted to show.  Mike left it for Matt to finish at home.