MCW Nov. 08 Meeting
Nov 21, 2008Public
Photo: Partial Show & Tell table for Chapter Challenge
Photo: Stan Sherman - 16-diamond vessel of Bolivian rosewood, bloodwood, maple, yellowheart, ebony, and holly - 10.5" dia. In the future, Stan will show us how he does this. Stay tuned.
Photo: Stan Sherman - 10-segment vessel of maple, ebony, bloodwood, and holly
Photo: Ed Karch - "Roswell" - maple and bamboo
Photo: Ed Karch - "wind and rain" - oak and stone
Photo: Ed Karch - "desert sunset" - red oak
Photo: (guest) John Creeder - "egg" - walnut, maple, bloodwood
Photo: (guest) John Creeder - "western" segmented bowl - walnut, maple, bloodwood, ?mahogany
Photo: (guest) Jerry Mauch - NE walnut bowl
Photo: Eliot Feldman - spalted maple canteen - turned in two halves
Photo: Eliot Feldman - maple flower form
Photo: Eliot Feldman - square, walnut, off-center box
Photo: Karl Vilbig - walnut plate - first-ever turned piece
Photo: Karl Vilbig - winged cherry bowl turned with a parting tool (prior to mentoring)!
Photo: Stuart Glickman - "basket illusion" - burned and dyed cherry
Photo: Gary Guenther - "Purple Mountain's Majesty" paela and amethyst suiseki and quilted-maple bowl in bowl dyed with scarlet RIT
Photo: David Jacobowitz - segmented marblewood and wenge vase
Photo: David Jacobowitz - square and round mahogany vase
Photo: Richard Webster - 3-corner cherry bowl
Photo: Richard Webster - NE cedar bowl
Photo: Tim Aley - box elder tree ornament
Photo: Tim Aley - a pair of winged bowls - redbud
Photo: Clif Poodry - making sycamore waves, with and without a ball form
Photo: Clif Poodry - "Raven" box - ebonized cherry and holly