MCW March '13 Meeting
Mar 17, 2013Public
Photo: Our digs at the new Woodworkers Club are very bright and pleasant.
Photo: President Tim Aley conducts the business meeting.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn discusses the success of the move, made possible with a lot of help from MCW members.
Photo: The Show & Tell table has some interesting and varied items.
Photo: Guest Alan Pechnea brought some intriguing items for tonight's Show & Tell.
Photo: And Margaret has been doing some fine chip carving.
Photo: The Silent Auction was small but had some unusual and useful donations...
Photo: ...and was augmented when cleanup involved getting rid of some wood on a first-come, first-served basis.
Photo: Taking care of business.
Photo: Everone turned around for the Show & Tell.
Photo: Tim Aley with his pair of box elder bowls with different finishes.
Photo: Bob Grudberg with his large, segmented bowl.
Photo: Bob also turned a hamburger press.  Very practical.
Photo: Guest Alan Pechnea with two woodburned plaques.
Photo: Alan likes to carve these "oceanic face" mini totems that come from his imagination.
Photo: Alan carved one block of pine into a chain and a cage with captive ball.  Very unique!
Photo: Ed Karch has evolved to two-sided stones in this latest edition of his Stoned series.  He obviously solved the challenges of carving on the inside.
Photo: Ed made a little dogwood branch into a natural-surface vessel.  This is a perfect use for a hook tool...
Photo: this one.
Photo: Ed Karch is starting a new "pottery" series using milk paint, with carved and painted "daisy" bottoms.
Photo: Another view of the bowls showing that the insides are natural wood.
Photo: Another example.
Photo: Ed combines milk paint imagery and a pottery effect with his new "daisy" bottom.
Photo: Ed made some traditional "shrink boxes" with river birch and Norway spruce.  They are quite oval.  You have to see them and hold them to believe them.