MCW June '12 Meeting
Jun 12, 2012Public
Photo: President Bill Long conducts the meeting.
Photo: Treasurer Phil Brown hard at work collecting demo fees and silent auction money.
Photo: The show and tell table ready to go.
Photo: Richard Webster talks about his leaf plate.
Photo: Here Richard shows the trick to turning his oval plate.
Photo: Mike Colella talks about his oak bowl.
Photo: Mike talks about turning his green oak bowl including the wood movement, rusting of equipment, and blackening in the bowl from steel wool remnants.
Photo: Tim Aley talked about turning thin with light, but how he was afraid to go back and thin the rim.
Photo: Tim shows how the bowls were situated in the other log dropped off by the "wood fairy".
Photo: MIke Twenty shows off what looks like a great looking regular bowl, but upon further examination ...
Photo: ... it was made from sections of this board.
Photo: Mike talks about his ash plate with pyrography on the rim.
Photo: Elliot Schantz talks about his cherry bowl.
Photo: Elliot shows the nice curve on the bowl.
Photo: Gary Guenther talks about his freshly-oiled spalted birch bowl.
Photo: Gary talks about his experience turning thin, encouraged by our recent demo by Mike Kehs.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn shows some inlay tools that he is making.
Photo: The knobs on the tools are turned.  He glues the brass pieces in and glues the top on and turns to final shape.
Photo: This is the end result of using the tools.
Photo: Margaret Follas shows her mini cherry bowl.
Photo: Margaret talks about the carving she did on the bowl.
Photo: Duane Schmidt shows an Osage orange bowl.
Photo: Duane explained that his goal for this bowl was turning the outside shape using the David Ellsworth comments from the MCW show and tell in March.
Photo: Phil Brown talks about a hollow sphere that he made several years ago.