MCW June 08 Meeting
Jun 26, 2008Public
Photo: A wonderful selection on the Show & Tell table. This is an impressive array.
Photo: Two tables full of wood for the Silent Auction. Thanks to Al Dickenson for contributing his nice stash.
Photo: Alternate photographer Hal Burdette shoots the S&T stills.
Photo: Gary Guenther receives Certificate of Appreciation from Phil Brown.
Photo: Camaraderie around the S&T table - Don Van Ryk, Steve Balaban, Clif Poodry, Denis Zegar, and Stan Sherman.
Photo: Don Couchman (left) enjoys the Show & Tell table.  [08.06]
Photo: Tim Aley - 13.5" cherry bowl.
Photo: New Member Tom Ankrum - the result of some captive ring practice.
Photo: Ed Karch 5" black-walnut, limb-end bowl.
Photo: Ed Karch - 7.5" quarter-sawn American sycamore bowl with gold leaf.
Photo: Michael Blake - one of five multi-wood pencils.
Photo: Richard Webster - 12" half-and-half quilted-maple bowl.
Photo: Don Van Ryk - 8"-tall cookie jar of oak, walnut, and aspen(yes, it was full of cookies!).
Photo: Don Van Ryk - 4" and 6" apple bowls.
Photo: Jerry Kaplan - 7.5"-tall, dome-lidded, holly box, without finish, in the style of Richard Raffin.
Photo: Steve Balaban - 6" segmented bowl of walnut, maple, and ?
Photo: Elliot Schantz - a small bowl turned in a 15"-long hunk of weathered pine.
Photo: Elliot Schantz - 3" bowl/vase turned from a plywood glue-up.
Photo: Justin Fields - 10"-tall segmented vase of walnut and maple.
Photo: Denis Zegar - 15"-tall segmented vase of red heart, yellow heart, purple heart, walnut, oak, cherry, and curly maple.
Photo: Stan Sherman - 12" segmented vessel of ebony, Bolivian rosewood, purple heart, and maple.
Photo: Clif Poodry - 11" spalted red-maple vessel with leather laced rim.
Photo: David Fry - 12" burly red-maple vessel.
Photo: Important book for wood identification by Bruce Hoadley.