MCW Oct. '14 Meeting
Oct 26, 2014Public
Photo: Jeff Tate is our Gallery photographer for the evening -- here installing Mike Colella's new LED lighting system in the tent.
Photo: The Show & Tell table has an interesting variety tonight.
Photo: OK, I give; what is that?!  Actually, that turns out to be the whole "point".
Photo: Some nice wood, large and small, in the Silent Auction
Photo: We welcome new Members and offer a nice wooden name badge at a reasonable price.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn and Matt Radtke get the audio/video system up and running after debugging some intermittent audio cables connections.
Photo: President Tim Aley conducts the business meeting...
Photo: ...for a rapt audience.
Photo: Welcome to John Houghton, who signed up as a new Member...
Photo: ...and also to new Member Rheetu Pal Mahajan, who hopes to include some turning with her carving.
Photo: How many times did Richard Webster pay for this free demo?  Actually, Dick is describing the last, very successful meeting of the Wounded Warriors program and encouraging one and all to attend to see the positive effects on the participants.
Photo: Matt Radtke is congratulated here for volunteering to take over the very popular Skills Enhancement program and, also, for putting his name on the ballot for being our next Vice President.
Photo: Gary Guenther is very happy to announce that Jeff Tate will be taking over the duties of Candid Photographer next year.  Gary also has his name on the ballot to be our next President.
Photo: Tim once again thanking the MC fair demonstrators and asking if everyone had received their commemorative plate.
Photo: Bob Browning is happy to have won Jeff Tate's sapele bowl in the Bring-back Challenge.
Photo: On the Show & Tell table, we see a set of fine tools made by the late, great Michael Blake...
Photo: ...brought reverentially by Eliot Feldman to show one more time...
Photo: remind us of Michael's fine work.
Photo: A close up of one of Michael's handles
Photo: While showing some pens, Gary Guenther reminded us about the importance of "giving back" to our hosts at the Woodworkers Club by purchasing their products.
Photo: This is an example of a "Continental" twist pen purchased here at the Woodworkers Club.
Photo: Jerry Kaplan made very good use of this big-leaf maple burl.
Photo: Here, Jerry talks about how he did it.
Photo: Paul Simon discussing his rough turned Maple bowl.