MCW Oct. '15 Meeting
Oct 11, 2015Public
Photo: Action around the Show Tell & Ask table before the meeting.
Photo: Mike Colella shoots the Show Tell & Ask pieces for the Gallery.
Photo: Matt Radtke discusses Tina Chisena's work with her at the ST&A table.
Photo: We have some very interesting works here.
Photo: Wow!  The ST&A table has some wild stuff on it this month -- the items in the foreground thanks to Mike Colella's production for sale at the RenFest.
Photo: Another angle (literally) of the ST&A table.
Photo: Bill Long's cherry burl box is a real eye catcher.
Photo: Gary's got the business meeting going.
Photo: Action in the Audience.
Photo: Guest and new Member, Andrew Soldano, watches the proceedings.
Photo: Guest John Laffen, member of Montgomery County Carvers, says a few words about his interest and experience.  John became a new Member of MCW.
Photo: Joe Stout, wins Matt Radtke's Bring-back bowl -- from one videographer to another!  Hmmm... collusion?
Photo: Gary shows the advertising card for Phil Brown's new exhibit.
Photo: Dick Webster turned this curly maple platter, and Margaret Follas chip carved it -- as a gift to Bert Bleckwenn for his years of devoted service to the Skills Enhancement Program and its participants.
Photo: Bert accepts the platter to a round of appreciative applause from the makers and the audience.
Photo: Bert checks out the lettering on the back.  Look at that curl, too.  What a great piece of wood.
Photo: Bert thanks Dick...
Photo: ...and gets a big hug from Margaret.
Photo: Here's a shot of the front...
Photo: ...and another of the back.
Photo: Program Chair Tim Aley talks about future Demonstrations.
Photo: Gary is still at it...  that Agenda just goes on and on, because MCW has a lot of active Programs!
Photo: Jeff Tate talks about our Beads of Courage Program, which he directs.  We'll be looking for another batch of lidded bowls to take up to Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology unit next Spring so please start working on your donations now.
Photo: Mike Colella has a booth at the Maryland Renaissance 
Festival.  He says his bowls (with purpose-made leather straps) worn around the site on the belts of customers, are great advertising for his work.