MCW March '11 Meeting
Mar 13, 2011Public
Photo: President Bert Bleckwenn conducts the business meeting.
Photo: Guest Steve Miller introduced himself. Welcome Steve!
Photo: Guest Steve Drake introduced himself and became a new member. Welcome Steve!
Photo: Tim Aley receives MCW Certificate of Appreciation for his work on the Celebrate 25 entry, as Secretary, as the candid photographer, and as a demonstrator at the Renwick and the Woodworkers Club.
Photo: The March Meeting Show & Tell Table from the left...
Photo: ...and from the right but there was more....
Photo: ... the MCW entry to the AAW "Celebrate 25" Chapter Challenge was also on display.
Photo: Lots of large split logs on the March Meeting Silent Auction Table.
Photo: Gary Nickerson shows the wonderful color of his ambrosia maple bowl.
Photo: Gary and his natural ambrosia maple natural edge bowl.
Photo: Gary's skew challenge entry was this honey dipper.
Photo: Mike Colella and his Kensington Sycamore bowl.
Photo: Mike shows off the detail the insects made on the side of his oak votive holder.
Photo: Mark Verna shows the inside of his natural edge cherry bowl.
Photo: Tim Aley shows the bottle stoppers made for both the Skew Challenge and the Member Challenge raffle.
Photo: Michael Blake explains why you need a bird cage awl.
Photo: Michael displays the handles for the lacing awl and the knife/spreader. If you missed the meeting you missed what Michael uses the other end of knife for!
Photo: Gary Guenther shows off his skew challenge egg.
Photo: Gary sets his egg up on his bark log pedestal to complete the sculpture "Mommy, where to wood ducks come from?".
Photo: Elliot Schantz tells about the "not another bowl with a crack in it" mahogany bowl with a bark inclusion.
Photo: Elliot shows that he practiced a lot for the skew challenge.
Photo: Elliot's skew challenge samples, including the attempt at Corian.
Photo: Elliot's first attempt at making a carbide tip scrapper tools.
Photo: Paul Mazzi shows some great skew work on his hickory mallet handle.