MCW May '13 Meeting
May 16, 2013Public
Photo: Clif Poodry gets to the meeting early to get his bowl blanks ready for the demo.
Photo: Bob Browning shares that he will have the Pole Lathe at the Strawberry Festival at Sandy Spring Museum.
Photo: Richard Webster brought in 2 of the 6 natural-edged chargers he made, to match a rustic house, ...
Photo: ... from a tree grown on the property.
Photo: Bob Grudberg experimented with his segmented turning this month and ...
Photo: ... thinks this one looks a little like a toilet plunger.
Photo: Bob tried using plans to design a piece for the first time.  Here he looks at the plans as he holds his segmented piece that he made from them.  It looks exact from here.
Photo: Bob can't pass up making his tried and true open segmented bowl.
Photo: Mike Colella talks about the beautiful color of his apple bowl.
Photo: Clif looks on as Mike shows his flared walnut bowl.
Photo: Mary Beardsley holds one of her two globes that she turned.  One from Michael Hosaluk's class and one that she turned later.
Photo: Mary's questions were 1. Why did the second one crack? and 2. How can she finish it and keep the same white color?
Photo: Tim Aley asks if this bowl is anything.  It was from an elbow of a friends branch and has interesting detail, but does it work?
Photo: Russ Iler turned two goblets and if you turn two ...
Photo: ... you should turn a third and a plate to put them on. (bottom right corner)
Photo: Rebecca Meyerson previewed the rolling pin challenge for next month.  She found the handles hard to make the same size...
Photo: ... but included sticks to make sure the pie dough is the same thickness!
Photo: Matt Radke starts the story like many we have heard, start with a big bowl blank and then it becomes a small bowl blank.  What do you do?  Matt went in a unique direction and ...
Photo: ... turned the bowl over and thought Frisbee!
Photo: David Jacobowitz is one of the original members of MCW.  Due to health issues, David has decided to give up turning.  He did a show and tell to talk about his turning experience.
Photo: David brought in some of his very early work.  He, like almost everyone at the time, turned only between centers.  He is holding a stemmed box that he turned without a chuck.
Photo: David's work evolved over the years and this amazing segmented piece is an example of his later work.
Photo: Clif Poodry had made a large ladle like Mike Hosaluk demo'd last month.  It was fun but it wasn't of much use, especially for coffee.
Photo: So Clif made a scoop for coffee.  This was made in the same process but a little utilitarian.