MCW Oct.'15 Pen Blanks for the Troops
Nov 15, 2015Public
Photo: MCW Project Leader, Matt Radtke, has put a tremendous amount of time and energy into the planning and preparation of pen blanks to support the Woodworkers Club (Woodcraft) Turn for the Troops Program.
Photo: At our October 28 meeting to prepare a large number of pen blanks, new MCW Apprentice Member, Noah Dove, roughs up brass tubes on the lathe with sandpaper.
Photo: Ken Lobo cuts pen blanks in half on the band saw, carefully, with the help of a sled.  His fingers never leave his hands.  Note the supply of marked blanks and rubber-banded halves already cut -- we're in production mode!
Photo: Emily Koo marks more blanks (so a grain match can be preserved after the blanks are sawn in half), and Bob Anderson rubber bands those freshly cut by Ken.
Photo: Noah joins the team with Bob while Emily and Ken keep 'em coming.
Photo: Paul Wodiska drills the halved blanks on a drill press...
Photo: ...while Noah drills some on a lathe...
Photo: ...and Ken also drills some on another lathe.
Photo: Bob transitions to gluing the roughed up tubes into the halved blanks.  Both 5-minute epoxy and "medium" CA glue can be used.
Photo: Matt performs barrel trimming on blanks with tubes previously glued and dried.  At the end of the session, Matt stayed behind and drilled dozens more pairs on the drill press.  On the weekend of November 6, 7, 8, several hundred of these sets of blanks were turned into pens, bagged, and sent to the Troops.  Well done everyone.