MCW Oct. '15 Program
Oct 29, 2015Public
Photo: Stan Wellborn had an article in the October 2013 issue of American Woodturner on woodturned paraphernalia associated with Magic.
Photo: Ye old ball and cup trick.
Photo: Stan showed a short slideshow to explain how he made the cup.
Photo: This is the key to the cup.
Photo: The hidden ball trick..
Photo: ... taking the ball out and when it closes again, the ball is still there but the trick is...
Photo: ... hidden here in the 1/2 ball.
Photo: Elliot Schantz shows a padded jam chuck to finish the bottom of bowls.
Photo: Here is a drive center that he ground down to ... .
Photo: Ellen Davis turned a handle for the knock out bar.
Photo: She uses a latex glove to protect the piece when jam chucking by covering the jam chuck.
Photo: Using the protected jam chuck.
Photo: Bob Grudberg cheap, portable light and has a magnet to position it.
Photo: Paul Wodiska glued a strong magnet to the brush to keep it close!
Photo: Manu Suarez uses this washer and a magnet to position the vac for dust collection at the lathe.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn did a study of lathe lighting focused on lumens, support, and price.
Photo: A small but powerful LED.
Photo: A larger and well protected LED.
Photo: A slightly different version of the same type of LED.
Photo: Joe Barnard brought his trauma backpack that he filled with things that woodturners may need.  He keeps in near the floor to be accessible when in the most need.
Photo: Carl Powell showed his Airshield mask and talked about the battery.
Photo: Using a RC charger Carl made a batter charger for the Airshield battery that does not fry the battery when left plugged in.