MCW Oct '10 Meeting
Oct 27, 2010Public
Photo: President Bert Bleckwenn makes a point in his meeting announcements.
Photo: Tim Aley, heading up the MCW entry for the AAW 25th anniversary Celebration, discusses design details.
Photo: Jack Enders discusses plans for logistics for the first MCW Demo Day to be held to benefit the Woodworkers Club.
Photo: New member Bob Grudberg.
Photo: The silent auction tables.
Photo: Some of the Show & Tell table, including several of the Ebony Challenge articles.
Photo: Jake France shows his work as Terry Lamb looks on.
Photo: Dick Webster with his spalted mango shallow bowl.
Photo: Bob Grudberg's big natural-edge bowl held by Clif Poodry.
Photo: A beautiful walking stick by Don Couchman, shown by Clif Poodry.  [10.10]
Photo: A gavel and sounding block, with ebony inserts, by Stan Welborn, one of the newly elected AAW Directors. Congrats Stan!
Photo: Ilya Zavorin had an unfortunate experience turning this uniquely shaped log. Luckily he has more.
Photo: Clif with his own interesting natural-edge vessel.
Photo: Demonstrator for the evening Jim Duxbury with his traveling "tool tote" in the closed position...
Photo: ...and in the open position. Very nice work, and very practical.
Photo: Jim Duxbur's personal show and tell table of assorted turnings.
Photo: Here is one of Jim's high-end, mounted, "traditional" kaleidoscopes -- what a beauty.
Photo: Jim shows his poplar jockey shorts. Now that's what I call a unique turning!
Photo: That is one good-looking hat. These are not easy to make!
Photo: Jim wearing his cool maple hat....
Photo: This very complex doubly beaded bowl on multiple axes is in the vein of the work of Hans Weissflog. I'd like to learn how to do that some day...
Photo: ...and here is Jim showing it off...
Photo: ...and a "three-way" bowl in the "flat" position,
Photo: ...the same three-way bowl in the "up" position,